This Dog is Loved

"You were sick, but now you're well again, and there's work to do."

Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

I thought I’d update you in a big of a picture heavy deal. I should probably name this blog “selfies in cars with dogs” since Elsa has strayed off from the main focus. I completely credit every thing I do to her. I didn’t realize the gravity of how much our shelter dogs need someone until I met her. Social media is also AMAZING. The lives that have been saved via a facebook post is insane. 

The ball got rolling with a fellow at our shelter named Meiko. His family had been victims of unfortunate circumstances when they left him with family during a move, and he got dumped at the shelter. He was microchipped, which led back to them, but that was all they were left with. I saw the family post on FB that they would like to get him back and need help, so I messaged his owner. Shortly there after he was pulled with the aide of a rescue friend and we were on the road. Another friend of mine I met via the internet met us in Ohio and deliver Meiko back to his family. Thus began the “freedom ride” selfies with dogs: 



Around the same time as Meiko, we photographed a sweet little Chi named Buddy. Over the next few weeks Buddy rapidly declined. He got sick and began starving himself. He also started snapping at strangers from his kennel. I sent out a plea for him on social media and again friends stepped forward. He was pulled and fostered by my friend and awesome stylist, Jen. He got his very own photo in her car, because he’s just so handsome: 



Buddy gained weight, got healthy, and got happy. He was adopted by another friend of mine, who also owns a very special to me shelter dog, saved from the same “rescue” Elsa was. 

And of course, right after that, I met Camo. He was just a baby and so scared of the environment it took me 10 minutes to coax him out of his kennel. Then we pranced down the hall and he exploded every time I came in. I put the plea out, again, on social media and a friend came forward to adopt him. He also looks very similar to ANOTHER dog saved from the “rescue” Elsa was, baby Carl. Camo is now Zeke and loves his new family. 



Right after Camo a friend and fellow volunteer discovered Elmo in quarantine at the shelter. He had a massive growth on his chest. She put the word out and an seriously awesome rescue stepped forward and took him into foster. We had the pleasure of transporting him to the founder/his foster mom who renamed him John Merrick. Unfortunately John’s mass came back as cancerous, and a month after the removal his cancer reoccurred and he passed away. In a home and loved, free of that mass to move around.



Then the Husky gals. They were apparently owner surrenders, but their mushing collars caught my eye. Who in the community gave up these trained runners? Their collars also caught the eye of my e-friend Jess, who put the word out to mushing rescues. One stepped forward right away and thus the girls were sprang. They were a joy to ride with and were very interested in my coffee: 


And of course, I can’t necessarily resist the kitties. Gully was on the euth list and was obviously sick with a bloody nose, so I knew his time would be shorter. I adopted him directly rather than scrambling to find a rescue to pull him and took him home. He loves to bite my ankles, harass the dogs, and generally be a shit stirrer. He sure is cute though: 



We took the photo of a handsome spotty nosed man named Grover. Another social media winner. A friend of mine adopted him and reports at home he is wonderfully mannered, house trained, and we already knew he was a peach with other dogs and children from an adoption event. He’s still Grover, and still my dude:


The next two guys are directly thanks to The Urgent List- Michigan. A page I admin on FB for my city shelter. We have nearly 3,000 fans and pleas are circulated like wild fire. First I threw up Can-am, who had been at the shelter 73 days. Chippewa shelter, a lovely no kill shelter up north of us, jumped on him. An awesome lady and her husband met us half way in the ~6 hour difference and he went immediately into a foster to adopter situation. He liked to sit in my lap. The.. entire ride.



The next day we transported Lefty to another rescue up north of us. The Northwoods Animal Coalition offered to take him in and have since renamed him Benny. We don’t know where Lefty came from, but where ever it was they were not kind to him. His ears are completely butchered. He is missing nearly all of one, and a giant section of another. He’s head and body are also riddled with scars. He was so scared and shy but over weeks he came out of his shell. When we took him to go to rescue he leaped out of his kennel and pranced the whole way to the car, where he also spent the drive curled in my lap. 


Dale was up next on the urgent list, and adopted by a man who saw his post. His name is Bernie now and his cute teddy bear self is doing well:


We’re going to cap off this Thursday by grabbing up Lily the Saint Bernard and delivering her to Saint Bernard Rescue Inc in Ohio. My friend who aided in Meiko’s transport will aide us again to take Lily home. I am in love with her and am very happy to get her to her new beginning: 


I have a rescue willing to pull a really lovely German Shepherd boy, so I am hoping if he isn’t adopted this week then we’ll just spring him and deliver him that way. I’m anxiously working on a couple Pit ladies but had an interested adopter message me about adopting a Pit. I’m working with an awesome lady I met at my years at the rescue who shall not be named (like Voldemort, but actually sinister) to start a non-profit to pay pull fees and fund programs to save our shelter dogs. Wish us luck!

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